Tool Integrations

While the common formats provide reasonably adequate support for many tools, there are quite a few tools that produce either their own dialects of a common format or just produce a more capable, purpose-built format.


ESLint can produce many different reporter formats. Check Run Reporter supports all of the following, but I strongly recommend the json-with-metadata format


SwiftLint can produce JUnit but it's one of the JUnit dialects farther from standard, making it rather difficult to pull out the relevant bits. We may add support for it at some point, but you should really just use its json reporter.


TypeScript doesn't have a formal report format. In fact, it doesn't even have a built-in means for storing report files. Instead, use shell redirection to capture its output

tsc > ./reports/tsc.log

Consider using tee to store the log file while still outputting it to your CI systems log.

tsc | tee ./reports/tsc.log