Check Run Reporter

The reporting tool you wish your CI service had built.

You and your team don't have time to dig through your CI service to figure out what test failed or what code style rule you violated. With a small tweak to your CI scripts, Check Run Reporter shows failures right on your GitHub pull requests.

Continuous integration is critical to delivering high quality products and services in a timely fashion. Though most CI services do a fantastic job of running your builds, tests, and deployments, few do a good job of telling you which of your tests failed or why.

Check Run Reporter delivers your test and style results directly to GitHub as check runs, so you can spend less time digging through poorly formatted CI logs.

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How it worksDirect link to this section

  1. You run your tests

    npm test -- --reporter=junit -o ./reports/junit/test.xml
  2. You upload your results to Check Run Reporter

    curl "" \
      --user token:88888888-4444-4444-4444-aaaaaaaaaaaa \
      -X POST \
      -F report=@"./reports/junit/test.xml" \
      -F label="Unit Tests" \
      -F sha="$CIRCLE_SHA1" \
      -F root="$(pwd)"
  3. Check Run Reporter sends your results to GitHub

FeaturesDirect link to this section

A screenshot of a style failure rendered directly in a GitHub Pull Request diff
See your style violations right where they happened
A screenshot of a test failure rendered on the Check Run's details screen
See your test failures without leaving GitHub

PricingDirect link to this section

Unlimited public repositories
Ephemeral results
50000 reports
1GB of reports
per month
Unlimited public & private repositories
See your results without leaving GitHub
50000 reports
1GB of reports
per month
Unlimited public & private repositories
Test History
2 week retension
50000 reports
1GB of reports

Why Check Run Reporter?Direct link to this section

I created after years of being frustrated by how CI services present test results. Once a project hits a certain size, scrolling through logs just isn't a viable way to see what failed. GitHub provides a powerful way to present test results no matter what CI service you're using; as long as you can produce JUnit, check-run-reporter can render your results.

Supported FormatsDirect link to this section
Check Run Reporter supports the following report formats, with more on the way.
  • Checkstyle
  • JUnit
  • ESLint JUnit
  • ESLint JSON
  • ESLint JSON with Metadata
  • SwiftLint JSON
  • Typescript CLI Output
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